Efficient supply air

Improving the air quality of homes since 1992

How Mobair supply air units work?

Mobair supply air units bring in fresh, cleaned and also, if needed, warmed outside air into inside spaces at homes and other buildings. The fresh air is always brought in to the room without any feeling of draft. The air flowing through the Mobair device fills in the negative air pressure inside, thus also diminishing the amount of unclean air flowing in from other structures.

All Mobair supply air units are small, silent and stylish. You can paint, paper or surface the wooden casing to fit the room’s décor. They can be installed directly onto the wall, e.g. on top of the opening for incoming air or a specially made ventilation opening.

Read about the Mobair 2030s supply air valve, and its new concept for bringing the supply air into the room with a very low power consumption of 1.0 W.

How to choose the right device?

The room’s type and existing ventilation system dictate the type of suitable supply air unit. The Mobair range offers different supply air units for rooms of different sizes and ventilation systems: homes, lodging quarters, offices and small business premises. We offer ventilation professionals supply air units and ducting tools for improving air conditions in e.g. GSM base stations.

Do you know what is good inside air?

Good inside air is a result of many factors. However, the very basis is functioning ventilation. Older buildings tend to have ventilation issues, which a supply air diffuser can help to fix.

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